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Kris Orlowski


The Gershwin Sessions, Volume 1 EP is available now in full on Spotify and iTunes. Listen to one of the tracks below:

For Seattle musician Kris Orlowski, making music is about more than fulfilling personal agendas. It’s about creating something that touches the soul. Orlowski pitted honest, thoughtful storytelling against more traditional rock and pop arrangements to deliver his well received album, Believer, in 2014.  Since its debut, the record has carried him through two national tours and been featured on primetime television. After collaborating with Damien Jurado on EP earlier this year, Orlowski is currently hard at work on his sophomore album -- which audiences can expect to find filled with visceral reflections of his world at large.


 Photo by Amber Zbitnoff

The Band

Kris Orlowski - Vocals, Guitar
Greg Garcia - Drums, Percussion
Torry Anderson - Vocals, Keys, Percussion
Matt Strutynski - Bass
Jonathan Warman - Guitar Bass, Keys


Management - Peter Hill
Booking - The Agency Group
Distribution - Tone Tree Music
Publisher - SONGS
The Band - Anonymous