Happiness is waiting

April 2010

1. Waltz of Petunia (3:34)
2. Your Move (5:27)
3. Small is Beautiful (5:13)
4. Mountain Top (3:53)
5. Sweet Little Girl (4:14)
6. Waiting (4:36)
7. Rivera (4:59)
8. Steady and Slow (3:49)
9. Open Your Heart (3:45)
10. In a Second (4:06)
11. Postcard Man (Acoustic) (4:08)


The Seattle, Washington-based singer/songwriter Kris Orlowski mixes a blend of acoustic folk-rock and indie-pop on his new album Happiness Is Waiting. Drawing comparisons of Paul Westerberg and Elliot Smith, the songwriting and craftsmanship of Kris Orlowski is filled with melodic songwriting that encompasses all moods from wistful to happy to love. With a truckload of acoustic rhythms and fillings, with soothing chords progressions, Kris Orlowski's music captivates his audience with thoughtful lyrics and catchy hooks. 

The warm, clean and natural songs are strong enough to have resonance in the most stripped down of settings, but drummer Tim Rummerfield and bassist Scott Schrock provide a colorful backdrop for Orlowski’s songwriting to truly blossom in arrangement and depth. Conjuring the spirit of everyman may not be glamorous, but it’s also not easy. Orlowski writes from a real, unguarded place and that accessibility is tangible. There are no walls here — only a palpable honesty and really, really good songwriting. Ever had your heart broken? Ever felt like love was the only sensible means of escape? Ever felt paralyzed in the wake of wild emotions? Then you’ll relate to "Happiness Is Waiting”. Kris Orlowski’s latest "Happiness Is Waiting" is now available on iTunes and CDBaby.


released April 6, 2010

Tim Rummerfield - Percussion
Jason Stiles - Bass Guitar & Effects
Kris Orlowski - Words & Guitars
Jabrille Williams - Maniacal Guitar Licks on Dance Remix
Andrew Joslyn - Strings & String Arrangement