Monthly New Music Monday

I am fan of music, not a critic. I've become more critical of other music the longer I play, I think it's the nature of things. As I progress I find myself explaining to people why a song doesn't hit me the way it hits them sometimes, which I'm learning from.  I would really rather talk about what songs hit me.

When I'm in a productive mood and trying to zone in on something there are a few go to songs I like to put on that help me lock in. One is one of my favorite humans in Seattle, and a super talented producer, Budo.

Budo - Helsinki

Budo has a lot of really awesome songs that he has remixed on his Soundcloud, but sounds on this song are some of my favorites. The dreamy piano that sounds like it's swimming under water, the thick beats that aren't too in your face, but still have a lot of vibe, the sparse audiobotic vocals. Yes I meshed the word audio and robotic there. I had to... This song is really simple in a good way. This type of music hasn't always been my thing, but I think Budo could be my gateway drug.

Odesza - Say My Name (feat. Zyra)

Another great group to come out of Seattle that just came out with new music this year is Odesza. Another type of music I'm not as into, but I'm loving this jam. In fact, I don't know anyone that hasn't loved this song when they heard it. It keeps growing on me. I guess there are 100's of remixes popping up of this songs all over the internet too.

TV on the Radio - Happy Idiot

There is something very refreshing about a rock band that can continue deliver, year after year. The new single by TV on the Radio is really good. There is something familiar about this song, it has a bit old Metric in the instrumentation, with a really steady groove throughout the song. Catchy, but not overpowering. The video with Paul Reuben as a race car driver is pretty good too. TV on the Radio and the National are definitely two of my favorite "Indie Rock" bands (whatever that means) that are still putting out music right now. I'll probably regret saying that later…

Okay, one more…

Tom Odell - Another Love

This guy kills me. At the core without crazy production or alot of instrumentation, you can tell these are really great songs. It seems folks in the UK have caught on. I didn't watch the video, but this YouTube has the original recording. Let me know what you think.

What are you listening to lately?