I chatted with Andrew Joslyn about his experiences in the music industry as a composer, accompanist and touring violin player. From a hotel in Chicago during his tour with David Bazan and the Passenger String Quartet, Andrew tells us about his experiences going from a desk job to becoming a full time music, his world tour with Macklemore, his copious recording gigs that have made him the unofficial "string guy" in Seattle, and his take on the Seattle music economy and making it in a crazy industry. 

One thing I love about Andrew is how authenticate and personable he is. As one of the smarter, more successful touring players I know, he still stays humble and easy to be around. Besides being one of the more brilliant up and coming composers in contemporary music, he's stayed true to who he is and hasn't given up on his dreams of creating music as a career.

Newbie Mistake: I apologize for the recording issues. This was my first time broadcasting through Google Hangouts and I forgot to setup the video so it would toggle between Andrew and I. ;)