New Music - January

Hey friends, it's a new year, a new month, and time for a new playlist. I'm a little late on this one as I've been busy getting ready for a busy new year, but I wanted to introduce you Ryan MacKenzie, a long time friend, past intern and someone who I think will make waves in the industry as she continues to come up. She has spent the last two summers working for various music supervisors in LA and I was able to convince her to send me some of her favorites from the past 8-12 months.


Hello to all of Kris’s readers! I’m Ryan, and Kris was nice enough to ask me if I would put together a little playlist for his blog to celebrate this last year in music. After countless cups of tea, making my way through a large bag of granola, and scrolling through my iTunes for too long, I finally settled upon these eighteen songs. 

Below you’ll find a collection of the tunes I’ve been jamming to over the course of the last twelve months. I confess that I did sneak in two songs from the new year, but only because they are STELLAR. These are songs of varying genres, from both well-known and lesser-known artists, all of which have been blasting in my car (and my head) since their release. 

So go ahead and tuck yourself in the corner of a café and listen away. 

1. Carefully – Little Brutes

2. Walking Backwards – Doe Paoro

3. Breaking – Niia

4. Stop Playing With My Heart – Avid Dancer

5. Bird In A Cage – SPELLES

6. Hard Time – Seinabo Sey

7. Do You Remember – Jarryd James

8. 10,000 Emerald Pools – BØRNS

9. Sleep Baby Sleep – Broods

10. Body – Niia

11. Hardest Part – Laura Welsh

12. Boardwalks – Little May

13. Fever To The Form – Nick Mulvey

14. From Eden – Hozier

15. Hold The Line – Jack + Eliza

16. Where I’m Going – The Wild Reeds

17. Black Rivers (In My Mind) – Kate Miller

18. Roll Up Your Sleeves – Meg Mac