New Monday - November Part III

A new week, a new soundtrack. Would love to hear a song you’ve been stuck on lately in the comments below. Here is the Spotify playlist for the tunes I’ve been listening to:


GRIMES - CALIFORNIA // Her new album seems to really be making a mark. I've heard her live show is even better. Link.

SUFJAN STEVENS - HOTLINE BLING // I found this on accident when I watching footage of Sufjan at the Ryman. Hot line bling will never be the same. Link

AOIFE O'DONOVAN - MAGIC HOUR // I love it when you take away the production and you hear a songwriter with a guitar singing into a microphone. If the song is still good, then you have something. Link.


DEEP SEA DIVER - SECRETS - Jessica and crew are amazing. Every time I've seen her I'm blown away by her effortless guitar playing and stage presence. Seattle is in for a treat when the album comes out next year. Link.

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