December Guest Playlist: Ben Huh

Ben hanging with Pandas last month. Priceless.

Ben hanging with Pandas last month. Priceless.

Ben’s one of the cooler people I know. Wikipedia refers to him as an internet entrepreneur, but I know him more as one who is good at dinner conversation and traveling. Ben used to be the CEO of Seattle’s The Cheezeburger Network. Earlier this year he and his wife Emily left their company to travel the world and take on life from a different angle for a while.  

Over dinner with our better halves, Ben was showing me some music he’s been listening to — it seemed like a no brainer that he should put together a playlist for the blog. Instead of the usual holiday playlist, we’ve switched it up. 

The holiday season has never felt so upbeat with this compilation of songs. Many of you know me as more of a folk, indie-rock, pop listener from my weekly playlists over the past months, but I like to keep an open mind. A lot of dancing and thumping on this Spotify playlist:

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