Meet the Band: Jonathan Warman

Shot by  Jake Gravbrot

How’d you get involved with the KO band?
The SCENE! The Seattle scene. Making records, past tours, friends of friends. Its a small community of people. 

How long have you been with the band?
Not entirely sure.... off and on for a year.... then a solid year commitment? That sounds right?!?!?!

Why do you do it?
Because I don't know how to do ANYTHING else. And the people. The guys matter to me, the relationships matter. Even more than the music. Bros before hos, and bros before shows! 

Are you playing with any other bands?
Not really. Every now and then I sit in on bass with a group called Silver Torches. That is a really fun group that plays only locally and is made up of people who are heavily integrated in the scene in seattle, all the way from owning a vintage guitar store, to drum techs, to house engineers working on THE biggest records happening in Seattle. My wife also has a country band that I play in called Henry at War, but that is taking a break for a bit. 

What’s your day gig?
I am a Music Supervisor at Microsoft and Composer. 

Outside interests? Are you a dog lover?
I really like dogs a lot. I have two. Dr Desmond Jones is a pure bread Dachshund. He is short coat and long haired mixed. He has his PHD in Rock N Roll and holds the title for Pioneer Square Dog of the year 2014. He won first prize for his outfit and charm. I also have a Dachshund Pappilon mix named Penny Lane. She takes after my wife, cute and small on the outside, but takes care of business in frightening ways and ultimately runs the fucking show. 

Tell us a memorable story from the road.
I cant. I am married now. I am trying to leave those ones behind and create new ones. The other guys can tell stories on my behalf... But that one time in NYC when I woke up naked wearing a fur coat at a strippers loft... Well ill stop there. 

What are you looking forward to the most with the band this coming year?
Hitting the road and getting out of the studio/office. 

You’ve lived in downtown Seattle for years, any tips on a great watering hole?
Yes. Zig Zag is good. Stay away from Capitol Hill. There is nothing there but a teenage wasteland. I stopped drinking, unless its a rare occasion. I turn into a whiskey werewolf. 

What kind of gear do you have for the live show?
Oh man.... This could go on and on but Ill make it short. 96 Matchless Chieftain for my amp. Two Pin Up telecaster guitars custom made by Eric and myself, both loaded with amazing vintage pickups from the 60s. And a never ending array of vintage, boutique, and strymon pedals.....