New Music: April Playlist

Photo by  Nicole Odemann

I've been venturing out into new and foreign sounds to stretch my sensibilities during some more formidable weeks writing songs and I'm feeling a little late to the game on this SIa song. I've just stayed away from pop culture for the most part -- then every once in a while I just binge on it for an hour or two and find gems like this every so often.

Now this grammy appearance makes a lot more sense.

I've been hearing some of the music that's popular on Spotify or on some of the blogs I used to follow and I'm finding it harder to identify with some of the songs there. I grew up listening to melody driven songs, and it seems there has been a shift to more "beat driven" music. Here are some songs for April:


Tallest Man on Earth - Sagres
Tame Impala - Cause I'm A Man
The National - Sunshine on My Back
Tomo Nakayama - Fog on the Lens
Patrick Watson - Love Song for Robots
Tame Impala - Let it Happen
Sufjan Stevens - Should Have Known Better
Hamilton Leithauser - Alexandra 
Richard Swift - Would You
Jake Klar - Hotel Town
Years and Years - King 
Jungle - Julia 
Tobias Jesso Jr. - How Could You Babe
Sia - Chandelier
Ivan & Alyosha - All This Wandering Around


Here is the spotify playlist