Tis the Festival Season

Photo by Jason Tang

Photo by Jason Tang

As my tour with Ivan & Alyosha winds down I’m starting to think about the rest of the summer — working on the new album, playing a few shows, some writing trips, playing a few shows and I’m realizing we are now in the thick of festival season.

This year we are capping off our summer with an appearance at our hometown fest, Bumbershoot and with that in mind I thought I would offer a few pieces of advice I’ve learned during my years as a performer and an attendee at various festivals.


Bring a buddy. Traveling in groups means no stranger danger, and someone is more likely to have cash for corn dogs.

Don’t take candy from strangers or “extra curricular substances” for that matter. 

Bring Snacks. You never know when you will get hangry. The goal is to go as long as possible so bring an apple… or a lot of pixie sticks.

Drink lots of water. Like this guy...kinda



Layers are key. It’s the worst feeling leaving before the headliner because the sun goes down and you didn’t bring any warm clothes. Plan for hot hot heat and a frigid night (especially at Bshoot). Avoid headdresses or hats. They weren't cool in 2005, they still aren't cool.

Pocket Panchos. Bumbershoot means umbrella in latin. Maybe. Sometimes in rains when you don’t expect it. Don’t be caught with your pants down.


Meet the band. Want to meet your favorite band? Offer to help roadie for them at the festival. Try to get a press pass and request an interview. 

Friend Advice. If you know someone working the fest, don’t ask them for tickets the Friday before the event. You will lose a friend.

Bathroom Advice. Use the out of the way bathrooms

VIP is a good idea. Not everyone can afford the extra money for cleaner, gently used bathrooms and free water. Find a friend with a VIP hook up or volunteer. 

Confidence is key. If you are trying to get backstage. Bring a walkie talkie and tell them you are running PR for the headliners and need to get back stage ASAP for the meet and greet. Works every time.

If you go to Bumbershoot, come to the Mural Stage on Monday. I know a band that would love to play for you…

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