Doe Bay Fest

I like feeling of being apart of something bigger. I felt that again this past weekend at Doe Bay Fest. I’ve heard a lot of comparisons “Washington’s Mini-Woodstock”, “the Pickathon of the north” and various other ways people to try to describe the weekend. I don’t have any catchy comparisons, but think of it as an annual gathering of friends and strangers that feels like one big family — free from cell phones and judgement where people get back to their roots a bit (not just musically), and everyone is welcome.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to describe the weekend, but after seeing this video, it seems like words may be the wrong approach:

Having been to past Doe Bay's, it was cool to see some veterans (Motopony, Bryan John Appleby) return to make waves. 

I’ve been traveling so much and we’ve been so heads down with the record, we hadn’t played a show as a band since Nuemos in April 2015.

Getting to play the MainStage at Doe Bay Fest was a blast.

Somewhere along the way, things got a little silly too. 

Really silly. (Photo by Danielle Warman)

By the end of the festival, everyone had just surrendered to the music, the calmness of the space...and the cool water as seen below. There is a magic at Doe Bay. 


Kris OrlowskiComment