Music is meant to be...

I used to believe music was meant to be listened to.

I've recently started to listening to more music in the background, as a way to focus. Almost like a meditation to block out the noise. Bands like Boards of Canada can really put me in the zone when you are trying to focus. A study by ResearchGate in 2012 found music without lyrics yields better results.

It's like mowing the lawn or driving, sometimes I do my most creative thinking while passively doing something else. In this case music can sometimes act as that passive activity.

Recently I had music playing in the background when a song came on that caught me off guard with it's combination of pastoral, reverb drenched vocals and weird lead guitar lines. I thought you might enjoy it, as it's one of those unique songs that can provide positive effects in the background and the foreground for me; Bibio - Petals.


What are you listening to?

Kris OrlowskiComment