New Music Monday - November, Part II

Mondays are always my favorite time to dig into new music. A new week, a new soundtrack. Would love to hear a song you’ve been stuck on lately in the comments below. Here is the Spotify playlist for the tunes I’ve been listening to:


ÓLAFUR ARNALDS & NILS FRAHM - FOUR - This is one of those Radiohead style instrumental songs that transports me instantly to another place. Very grounding and meditative song. Link.

CIGARETTES AFTER SEX - AFFECTION - Brooklyn based “slow pop” band that I found randomly online. This is one of those dreamy songs that sits somewhere between the background and the foreground, a soundtrack for moving. Link.

CALEB GROH - FCKNU - I started following this guy on Instagram a few months ago, and when I came across these new songs this week, his voice and his intersection of multiple genres in this song “Fcknu” really got me. Link

AARON ESPE - GONE - Another Nashville cat who is under the radar, but I’m not sure he’ll stay there… If you are into this song, I would check out “Hanging by a thread”. Link.

WEEZER - DO YOU WANNA GET HIGH? - Weezer is always a win. I would get high with Rivers Cuomo anytime. Two new songs in two weeks. I’m assuming there is some astrology reading that explains why the world is especially lucky right now. Link.

ADELE - HELLO - When I first heard this song, I thought it was good, but not great. The more I heard it, the more I wanted to hear it. I realize this is a “mainstream” song and probably not "cool" to put on a mixtape, but I could care less, love her voice. Link.

RADICAL FACE - SISTERS - I played a show with these guys in Vancouver a few years back and really enjoyed their sound + vibe. They just released a new album and fingers crossed they come back to Seattle soon! Link


Sunburned Shirts - Car Seat Headrest - More good music from Seattle. The harmonies, lo-fi sensibility fills me with northwest nostalgia. Link.

Bryan John Appleby - No One Knows - I had a chance to hear Bryan’s new stuff this past summer at Doe Bay. He keeps getting better and someone I'm inspired by. Excited to see him continuing to stretch his sensibility with the new album that sounds like it could be a Disney soundtrack. He has a new album and big release show in Seattle this Friday! Link.