New Music Monday - November, Part I

Fall is here, and the warm air seems to be fading with the turning leaves. I'm looking for more opportunities to cocoon and feeling guilty for not sharing some of my new findings with all of you. I've really made an effort to be a concerted fan of new music. There's something inspiring and eye opening about finding music, even if it's old to others. So for the month of November, I wanted to share some of the new music I'm finding every week right here. Here's the Spotify playlist I'll be adding to every week.

What are you listening to? Would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

National Releases

  • EL VY "Need a Friend" - This band just dropped their debut album “Return to the Moon”, a side project for one of my favorite lyricists and baritone vocalists, the National’s Matt Beringer. What I didn’t realize is that Brent Knopf is the multi-instrumentalist, producer behind the music on this. On the first date of my tour with Ivan & Alyosha I went by his studio and he showed me the music for this song “Need a Friend” and I was instantly in love. He was very hush hush about who he was working with and I only recently realized after hearing the song online that it was EL VY! 
  • Weezer "Thank God for Girls" - I always say yes to Weezer. That's it.
  • Miike Snow "Heart is Full" - I love Miike Snow, it’s been too long since he’s released anything, worth checking out.

Northwest Releases

  • Valley Maker "By My Side" - When I first heard this song, everything went out of focus. This guy blows me away and of course it turns out he is a great human. The album came out about a month ago and I can’t wait for more people to discover him in Seattle and beyond.
  • Silver Torches "Cal" - Really love what Erik Walters and his Seattle crew are doing. If you are a fan of War on Drugs, you won’t want to miss this. I saw him open for Noah Gundersen a month ago, and found this song on Marco Collin's "Best of Seattle" playlist.
  • Roger Lion "Dead Man’s Song" - Seattle producer Budo teamed up with Joe Bernice to bring his unique vibe to a very interesting concept record that may or may not be about Josh Ritter’s divorce. I think I hear some strings from Andrew Joslyn in “Dead Man’s Song” as well. More here on the album.
  • Lotte Kestner - Fade Into You - Mazzy Star cover I found on City Arts “notable singles” for November. She is one of my favorite female voices in Seattle, and her roommate Kevin Long is another amazing crooner too. She has some other pretty great covers on Spotify and Soundcloud worth checking out.
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