A Day in the Life

Below is a visually driven look into a day in the life of a touring musician. On this specific day I woke up in New York and headed north to Boston to play TT the Bears in Cambridge.

The mentality on the road seems to be more of a hurry up and wait. A Large majority of my time is either spent at the venue or driving to the venue.

On days like this one where the drive is less than five hours, I actually get a little bit of time to catch up, take in the are, and/or do something fun.


WAKE UP. Think about working out. 70% of the time I end up sleeping another 30 minutes. Today I get up a little earlier because I'm at someone else's home and I don't want to impose and stay to late into the morning.

FOUR HOURS. The amount of sleep I ended up getting last night... that's my road face... 

BREAKFAST, COFFEE OR BOTH. Trying to cut down the coffee to every other morning, but that didn't happen today. 

HIT THE ROAD. This is where I spend much my days on tour. Today we are headed to Massachusets. 

REFUEL. Look at that shiny, efficient road warrior. She has been purring all across our beautiful US of A.

ARRIVE, THEN WANDER AROUND. Rarely do I arrive early, but today I got a head start, giving me a chance to see Cambridge and find my ceremonious lobster roll while in Boston. 

COMPUTER STUFF. Work, blog, read, social media. Catch up on e-mail, send show report to manager, etc. 

EAT FOOD WITH IVAN & ALYOSHA. Where the living is easy, and sometimes a little weird.

SMOKE BREAK. I don't puff on cigarettes, but we're are really good at smoke breaks. Waiting to load in to the venue.


HURRY UP AND WAIT. Ryan's a very natural sleeper.


MERCH GAME. Getting stronger.

SOUND CHECK #1. Ivan & Alyosha.

SOUND CHECK #2. Kris Orlowski

DOORS HAVE OPENED, WAITING. Working on a collaboration of Warsaw with Tim from Ivan & Alyosha for the show.

SHOWTIME #1. Kris Orlowski

SHOWTIME #2. Ivan & Alyosha

BONUS SHOW PICTURE. Ivan & Alyosha the night before in NYC.

POST SHOW MERCH BOOTH HANG. Kiss Babies. Sign Vinyl. Where strangers become friends.

SETTLE WITH THE VENUE. This part is top secret, I've already said too much. 

PACK UP. Object May be smaller than he appears. 

LOAD OUT. This is usually the time where I forget one or two things at the venue.

GO TO BED. then...

REPEAT. The next day.