I’ve been missing you.
Between breaths before stepping on to a stage
In memorable northeastern towns

When I first rise and remember where I am 
And the distance between us.
On the long drives, the late drives, the hills, the lakes, the forests and the plains.
As I lay my head down to sleep

When you don’t miss me and when you do
When we are both busy
In the night as I rollover expecting to graze your shoulder
As I consider how I arrived here

At times when I’m unsure
At Dunkin Donuts
When we FaceTime and you pause to take me in
When I think about the days left away from you.
While I consider only being back for a few days before leaving again.
As the hours pass and I catch the moon in my mirror, wondering if you are seeing it too.
While the miles grow between us.

Especially as I feel myself nearing the end of our distance
During the aches of frustration and the fights from our screens

I can’t hide that I need you, or lie, cause it’s leaving a mark

Kris OrlowskiComment