Smith Tower Sessions - A Monthly Music Series

I've been looking for an opportunity to break the mold of the usual music performance, to offer a unique experience, one that is still focused on the music, but one that delivers a greater connection, intimacy, and creativity. 

As an artist, I’ve played hundreds of shows, year after year, around the Northwest and North America. I’ve found that one of the most memorable places to play was in my backyard, at the top of the oldest skyscraper in Seattle, the Smith Tower. It’s one of the most enchanting, unique places in Western Washington, and the tenant Petra Franklin is a champion of the arts, turning the expansive four-story pyramid penthouse into a space that breeds creativity and magic. Something happens when you are up there, it's like the bustle of the city and all the daily distractions subside, and you have a momentary break from the world to lose yourself in something else. It felt like the perfect place for this series. 

I'm interesting in exploring how we experience music.  I'm also always looking for ways to support other artists who I enjoy and respect.  Bringing these two concepts together, every month for a year I will be stretching myself, bringing a unique performance to the top of the Smith Tower, with a different established "mystery" guest. 

There is more information about the event at I hope you will join me.


Kris OrlowskiComment