December Guest Playlist: Ben Huh

Ben’s one of the cooler people I know. Wikipedia refers to him as an internet entrepreneur, but I know him more as one who is good at dinner conversation and traveling. Ben was showing me some music he’s been listening to — it seemed like a no brainer that he should put together a playlist that I could share with all of you.

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Kris OrlowskiComment
Going To Carolina, Leaning All the Way

Torry and I sang an acoustic version of Carolina in the middle of a living room for about 70 friends and strangers as part of the Smith Tower Sessions. It stuck with me. It's still one of my favorites and so I decided to upload and and share it with all of you.

I also decided to post all the lyrics for Believer and some of my other songs on the website so people can more easily follow along if they'd like. You can find the lyrics for "Carolina" here

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